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Triangle Pool Service, is dedicated to your pool repair St. Petersburg. We are a licensedl contractor who specializes in swimming pool repairs, pool maintenance, pool cleaning spa repairs, chemicals, renovations and more. In fact, we're suited for any kind of St. Petersburg pool repair based jobs. Our business also has anything that you and your pool may ever need. Chances are that if you're after something, we've most likely got it.
With that out of the way, let's talk about some important methods for your pool maintenance and pool repair St. Petersburg. If your pool isn't what it needs to be, you need to run a water test to see if it's up to the mark or not. If you've already done that and found that not all is how they should be, you need the help of chemicals to set your pool back in place. This is very important for swimmer health safety and visual clarity of the pool.

If you're a seasoned pool owner, chances are that you're already well informed of how it's important to regularly adjust the pH and chlorine levels of your pool. These are two factors that tend to change rather frequently, as they're dependant on the roaming weather and actual pool usage. When adjusting these things for your pool, it is advised to first adjust the pH level, and then gradually add chlorine to adjust that too.

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The most balanced pool systems in St. Petersburg can end up being cloudy and lose all of their sheen. This is usually thanks to tiny dust particles that are too small to be found using your regular net. However, you can easily fix the issue by using a coagulant. The job of a coagulant is to mash these particles together to create bigger ones, which are filter-able with your general net.
There are various kinds of chlorine feeders available for pools of all shapes and sizes.

However, the most common one definitely has to be the erosion feeder. It works in a very simple way. When it is applied in a pool, water flows over the tabs or pucks of Chlorine or Bromine. These tabs slowly dissolve and turn into HCl or HBr and then slowly mix into the water. To adjust the level of these chemicals they release, you have a dial you can use. 

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When it comes to pool repair St. Petersburg, we understand complex problems that may affect your filter system. These are shaped in a cylindrical shape and operate based on pressure. As in, they require a certain amount of pressure to dissolve whatever contents you load them up with. Regulations for these are also done by a dial as well.
The main advantage of this feeder above the normal ones is that it can be installed offline, seeing as it's fed with untreated water through a hose. Do keep in mind that this should not be installed on the same level or close to a pool heater as the chlorine fumes can cause critical damage to your precious heater.
Also keep in mind to never mix granulated chlorine with chlorine tablets as they can cause severe health issues, even death in some cases. These are some issues even we as pool contractors need to be weary of.

The most available form of Chlorine is its liquid form. It's mostly used on large pools where a daily dose of Cl is needed to keep it operating in safe levels.
When choosing your own chemical feeder, the factors that need to be considered are various. The most prominent factors are the size and type of your pool. While the idea of avoiding adding chlorine to their pool for a day or two can be very appealing to people, it should not be done, as it brings up a lot of health issues into the mix. However, with a dedicated Chlorine feeder you need not worry about this, as they make doing this far easier.
However, as always, before deciding to add any kind of chemical to your pool, you should seek professional advice. Seeing as you're here, why not try contacting us? We've been in the field for a long while and are accordingly equipped as part of our pool service.
There are a lot more aspects that play a role in adjusting chemical levels of your pool and not all of them could be covered in this article. It is always better to find out first than be sorry for it later.